Friday, 29 August 2014

Day Eight #Clean9detox


Right so Day Eight! I'll hold my hands up and say I messed up a bit this evening but I'll explain shortly why that was.

Breakfast was as normal (a bit later today though around 10am): 

2x Forever Garcinia Plus capsules (20 mins before the aloe). 
120ml of Aloe Vera Gel + min 240ml of water. 
1 scoop or Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml of soya milk.

And off I went to show rehearsals. I snacked at 12:30- 2x Bee Pollen tablets + min 240ml of water. Did I drink this much water? Probaby not. I was mega busy in rehearsals (my bad).

At around 1:30 I had lunch:

2x Forever Garcinia Plus capsules (20mins before the shake). 
1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra + 300ml of soya milk. 
2x Forever Bee Pollen tablets + min 240ml of water. Again I'm not sure I drank enough!

For my exercise today (recommended 20 mins) I used my rehearsing- lots of dancing and being active.

I later took my little cousins to a Frozen party...yes a evening dedicated to the ever popular Disney film!The kids loved it but it meant I didn't arrive home until 8:30pm. I took a Forever Bee Pollen tablet during the party as I started to feel hungry, which helped, but I was really hungry when I got back. 

Consequently in my rush I forgot to consult my Clean9 diary and missed the 120ml of Aloe Vera Gel + min 240ml of water and 2x Forever Garcinia Plus capsules (20mins before the meal). 

Instead I tucked into my dinner of jacket potatoes and beans. I weighed it out and calculated the calories but during eating it I lost my appetite and had to leave a lot of the beans. I then realised I'd forgotten the first part of the plan and had to take the Garcinia Plus capsules 20 minutes before the Aloe Vera Gel!

So yes, not so successful! I've since had a banana to make up the calories and I'm going to eat a nectarine in a minute! But it's now 10:40pm! Today has flown!!

Last day of the plan tomorrow! I think I'll miss it!


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