Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Hello. So I'm a little behind with this post as it's already mid-week but I wanted to quickly share my weekend with you. I headed down to sunny Skegness- sadly not so sunny! However despite the overcast weather it was very enjoyable. 

As a kid I would often go down to Skegness with my family as a mini getaway. With it being around a 2 hour drive from my house, I believe it's my nearest beach and hence I'd love going to the seaside! 

My friend Abi, also a primary teacher and whom I met whilst at Uni, just so happens to live there! I hadn't seen in her over a year (how time flies!!!) and so we arranged for me to stay the weekend and have a good old catch-up :) 

We did a bit of shopping when I arrived and I bought some fab shoes which I will later blog about as I simply love them!...
But of course when at the seaside you just have to visit the beach. So on Saturday we had a lovely beach day with her friend Erica along with 3 kids (relatives). It was rather windy but pleasant and not particularly cold, although I did wear my coat and jeans. We had a lot of difficulty putting up the windbreak on the beach (haha how I still laugh about our efforts, bashing a rock on the poles and what not) but we did half successfully put it up eventually!

There's a lovely water play area for children not too far from the beach too. I couldn't get any pictures as I thought it might be inappropriate with other children about but our 3 kids really enjoyed paddling and splashing about despite the not particularly warm weather. I can imagine it to be a very popular place when the sun's out though! 

Another unwritten rule whilst at the seaside: ice cream! I need no excuse to get a Mr Whippy let me tell you. They're one of my favourite treats. The strawberry sauce and flake simply topped it off :p yum yum! I have to say a big well done to Abi as she managed to resist a ice cream in aid of being healthy and sticking to her diet plan! Very proud! :)

Usually when I go to Skeg I would say there's also a law where you have to have fish and chips. Honestly fish and chips at its finest. However on this occasion Abi's mum made us the best roast dinner ever!! It was so nice! 

Saturday night Abi's friend invited us to play bingo at a local hall. I could tell she was worried I'd find it boring or something but I've always wanted to give bingo a go so I was more than up for it. I started the game really excited and convinced my numbers would come out...however sadly neither of us won anything haha. Nevertheless I really enjoyed playing and I definitely want to seek out a bingo place near me because I want to play again! :)

I had a fab weekend visiting Skeg and catching up with one of my loveliest friends! I'd definitely recommend giving it a visit if you've never been. It's always a fun trip out. 

As with any tourist place, there are loads of souvenir and gift shops. I usually like to treat myself to a sugar dummy or a keyring or something. However this time, after already purchasing my shoes from New Look, I bought a friend a cute little fridge magnet. The cool ice cream design really stood out and as she collects them, I couldn't resist!

Thanks to Abi for being a great host! I really had a brilliant weekend. 

What did you guys get up to?



  1. Aw I love trips to the seaside. You're right, a whippy is compulsory!

  2. Finally a blog I enjoy reading! :)

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x

    1. Thank you! Yes I'll check your blog out :)