Sunday, 10 August 2014

I miss blogging!


So please excuse the Tinkerbell hoodie, messy hair and non-makeup'd face...but I'm sat here thinking shall I go back to blogging/vlogging? 

Should I? Shan't I? 

Time? Job? Life? 

But I miss it! ... So here I am. Doing my first blog in over a year. Wow time really does fly! 

So what's been happening? Long story short, I survived my first year of primary teaching and actually enjoyed most of it! Sure there were days when I'd think is it actually worth all of this stress, but then one of my little cuties would say something adorable like "you're beautiful" or "I love you Miss Cooper". And then suddenly it'd all be worth it! :)

So school's out for the summer!

Of course the year has not been without a vast amount of make-up purchases and a heavy dose of exercising so I have lots of product reviews and tips etc coming up for you! 

I'm also going to re-enter the YouTube world, so keep an eye out for videos too!

Feel free to say hello and welcome me back to the beautiful blogging world! What have I missed?! Any holy grail products? ;)


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