Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm back!...Update!

Hi guys! Wow it's been ages since I've blogged! I do apologize.

Life has been pretty manic for me over the last month or so but in a good way! I've been having possibly the best time of my life and among all of this I actually graduated!

Yep there I am in my grad gear :P
It's funny because I actually wasn't at all fussed about the whole graduation thing, but when it came down to it I felt quite emotional. I had a whole range of emotions, happy/relieved/proud/sad and definitely nervous when it came to walking across the stage!

There I am, receiving my important handshake!
It wasn't until a day or so later that it suddenly hit me that I wouldn't be returning to university and I felt sad to not be seeing my friends in a student situation again!

Friends :)
It also hit me that September is fast approaching and I'm actually going to be a real-life primary teacher! Little bit scary!! Exciting though.

So...with a proper job looming I've been fully making the most of being a lady of leisure for one last summer!

Of course there has been a little bit of shopping...although not really any make-up purchases!!...More fitness stuff like gym clothes and protein shakes! Wild.

Great nights out and crazy nights in have been taking place pretty much every weekend...

There have been beach-less beach parties...hula hula! And 70's/80's Discos...

Sunbathing has been a heavy feature in my hard life haha!... 

And, lots of yummy food and alcoholic beverages including a Frankie & Benny's fry-up to start off a relaxing day at a local Bannatyne Spa. 

The spa day was absolutely fab. It was my friend Emily's birthday this past weekend so as a present I booked us into the Spa and we enjoyed an amazing 30 minutes Lava Shells shoulder back and neck massage. And we got to keep the slippers hehe!

Of course along with all this relaxation and partying and what not, I've also been running a tight ship when it comes to my fitness regime. Occasionally I'll be really wild and given myself Friday, Saturday and Sunday off (lol)...but generally I just have the one day off. It's how I like it!

This past weekend I took part in a spin class for charity, helping raise money for people with disabilities who perhaps aren't able to take part in such activities. It made me think how lucky I am that I do have my health and can be as active as I am!

So...I think maybe this about concludes my update. I have been away for a while so I cannot possibly put in everything I've been doing but I think you get the picture! I'm hoping to become a regular blogger keep an eye out for my next post! 

How are you all? Been up to much?!

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