Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A very pink NOTD :)

Hey guys. So I picked up this vibrant pink shade a few weeks ago now and I've only just managed to try it out! I've been neglecting my nails of late so thought I'd add a splash of colour today...and boy is it a good colour!

When Model's Own brought out their neon collection I was immediately drawn to the pink shade. I love PINK!

Called Bubblegum, it's easy to apply and quick drying. Two very important things I look for in a polish. Patience isn't my forte when it comes to nails :P

I don't believe the photo quite does the colour justice but I think it's just perfect for sunshine months! Granted today started drizzly and wet for me, but now the sun's managed to break through. Bank holiday weekend was just gorgeous, for a change!

If you love pink and want to catch eyes this Spring/Summer I'd say go grab yourself a pot of this. It retails for just £5! Bargain.


  1. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, you're right, photos don't do it justice. It's the brightest neon I've seen haha.

    Sally x

    1. Yes you're right! I got comments on it literally straight away haha :) Just repainted them in this x