Monday, 6 April 2015

March Beauty Favourites 2015

Here's my top 5 beauty picks from March. Click on the picture if you'd rather watch my favourites and see some of the products applied :)

It's really not like me to ditch the full coverage foundation for a BB creme, but this does a great job. With no heavy feeling on your skin this is great for the up and coming warm weather. Flawless natural looking skin with spf20. Did I mention it' a natural product, so no nasty chemicals included! Love love love :)

Hello long volumized lashes!! Again a natural product, I have been reaching for this every day! I cannot believe the difference this has on your lashes. They're so full and long... Big thumbs up from me!

For many years I was a huge fan of Benefit's Brow Zing (which is a like a wax/powder eyebrow kit), so when I saw this advertise I wasn't sure I'd bother trying it. However Benefit themselves said that the two can work well together so I decided to buy a Gimme Brow a few months ago. I originally went for the light shade and really liked how it set my brows after I'd used the Brow Zing. After I used up the light Gimme Brow I decided to opt for the medium/dark shade and I haven't looked back! Because I have HD brows done at my local salon I've found I only need to add a bit of colour to them and set them in place, so this product is perfect for me! I no longer reach for my Brow Zing! Very pleased I tried it!

I love this product because it does the job and is so so cheap!! I apply it over the top of my BB Creme for a little more colour and to set my makeup and job done! I find it lasts a long time too :)

I've had this product a while (whenever it was first released) and it's definitely a easy go-to product. It provides everything you need for a nice neutral eye look. Winner.  

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