Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday thoughts

As I am writing this I am watching the amazing 'Fringe' series on Netflix. I discovered it just before Christmas and I've been hooked ever since! If you're into your sci-fi gory futuristic genres then it might be worth a watch :)

I'm actually doing everything I can in order to tame my excitement. Even as I type I feel so excited and have butterflies. Why? This week is a very big week, as it is for a fair few 3 year olds across the country. It's my first day at school!

It's funny because you'd normally only have to start school once or twice in your lifetime, at primary and then secondary, but as a teacher it happens a few times more!

Starting a new job is a big thing for anyone. No one likes being the newbie. Getting lost. Repeatedly asking people's names that you can't seem to remember. Feeling a bit awkward. Overwhelmed...But the good news is you only have that one first day. And chances are you weren't as hopeless and you'd imagined. 

Today hasn't been a bad day. It's been rather lazy, granted. Yes I'm still in my pjs, my hair needs watching and I've been considering the treadmill since waking up...but it has been rather productive in other senses. 

I sent my business messages and chatted to a team member. I then found a new contact that wanted a call (via my website. if you care to look). I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to call this complete stranger. This is not something I'm used to doing. In fact I've found Facebook to be so amazing for me getting contacts and arranging to show people the business that I can count one one hand how many times I've had to pick up the phone and actually speak to someone. 

But I felt confident in my abilities. I'd been advised on how to go about it by my fantastic team and you know what, I thought what is the worst that could happen? They say no thanks and hang up? My New Year mentality isn't about making excuses, but getting stuck in and doing something! did it go? Better than I could have hoped for. After asking her if she was able to chat for 5 minutes, our conversation ran away with itself and after 29 minutes I ended the call with an appointment with her booked in for next week. I felt pretty happy and continued to organise myself for the week ahead. 

I think Christmas and New Year, whilst good, felt very strange. To not have anything in particular to do. No messages to send. No meetings to attend. No real tasks. I felt a bit lost. Prior to Christmas I was so stupidly busy that I had got so used to the fast-paced, coffee to go lifestyle. It was normal to not have a minute where my phone wasn't buzzing, and finding time to watch Hollyoaks on catchup a real mission! 

But then it just stopped. Stood still. Hence my 'Fringe' discovery. 

I suppose it is nice to have some downtime sometimes but I think perhaps a day or two for me would have sufficed. My Dad hit the nail on the head when he called it 'Crimbo limbo'. The days between Christmas and New Year did very much feel like I was in limbo. I hated not having any real purpose! 

Thankfully New Year did eventually happen and I could resume some activity within my business. I'm now pleased that is tomorrow isn't far away and I can get back on track with everything. Sure the alarm is going to kill me. I've become somewhat nocturnal lately and it's highly unlikely I'll be able to get to sleep quickly tonight. But my bodyclock will adjust. Thankfully it doesn't take long to switch back. 

Another important change next week is that my weekend begins on Thursday evening. Working a 4-day week rather than the standard 5 is going be such a help! My theory in teaching is that full-time actually means life and part-time actually equates to full-time. But aside from that it has been tough juggling a new business around such a full-on job. I did it and managed but long-term it just might have killed me! 

Having Friday's to do with as I wish will be magical. It hasn't actually sunk in properly yet. How amazing it is going to be knowing I've nearly finished my week on Wednesday. TGIF can go swivel it's all about TGIT lol...not quite the same ring to it ey?

But Fridays are still going to be productive. Sure on occasion I might treat myself to a lie-in, but mostly I'll be starting my day with a good Spin class at 9:30am. In fact I've already booked myself on for this up and coming Friday :) Then I can start my day positively with a great workout and have the rest of the day to do business things, any school work that needs sorting and just spend the time wisely! If by chance I take a nap, well why not! Haha. 

I suppose I better run my hair is a disgusting mess! First day, first impressions as they say! Wish me luck! :)


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