Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mini Haul! I couldn't resist :)

Hello! So after what has already quite possibly been the most exciting week EVER... (I'm off to Skegness shortly to see a good friend too yayyy! :) Please see here if you missed my news this week!)...what better way to round it off than with a bit of retail therapy. Well earned retail therapy too! So, with one of my best friends, Gina, I hit the shops! After we had a cheeky Nando's, of course!

In no particular order...below are my purchases!
We rather randomly chose to venture into Pulp. Quite an alternative store but I do have a secret love for their quirky designs, especially their Iron Fist heels! When I saw this handbag, I immediately liked it. I love horror and gore very much and the skeleton design really appealed to me! When I saw the price there was no question, I had to buy it. It feels really soft and the quality is brilliant value for money! I like that it has a variety of zips and compartments inside and I reckon it'll replace my everyday bag (the zip has broken on my current River Island one!). Love it! :)

Next up is one of my holy grail products. I did a review on the Elemis Tan Accelerator a while back, here, and I use it regularly. I get nervous when my tube starts to feel empty and this is possibly something like my 10th bottle! I got my fix from John Lewis. J'adore! 

I didn't mean to buy a candle, honest! :P I blame Gina for taking me into the Yankee Candle store...but as soon as I got a whiff of this gorgeous melon scent...I was at the till paying! It was burning all evening last night and I loved the fragrance...A LOT! Yummy. 

When I heard the Queen of blogging had a range of products out in Superdrug I had to go and have a peek! Yes, I'm a bit behind time but this was literally the first shopping trip I'd been on in ages! I love Zoella. She's such an inspiration in so many ways. I was tempted by all the products but it was the bath fizz bar that I ended up buying. I love how you can break off the pieces like a chocolate bar! I can't wait to pop some into my next bath!

Now, this is a purchase that I set out to make. After doing my Clean9 Detox back in August I've managed to maintain my slim figure. Which is great, but also means that my favourite jeans are a bit loose around my waist! So, I needed to get a belt badly! I purposely chose to buy one from Topshop as they cater well for petite figures :) I really like the flower design and the fact that my jeans will now no longer need pulling up every 2 minutes! Result!

And last but not least, Lush. Need I say anymore? Haha! Well actually I was very good indeed because none of it was for me. I bought The Comforter bubble bar (a lovely blackcurrant/ribena selling bar), along with the fab Golden Wonder bath bomb for my Mum's upcoming birthday. This bath bomb is my absolute favourite. It's also only available around Christmas time, so I better stock up soon! I picked up a second Golden Wonder for my Grandma's birthday. Everyone should experience the joys of a Golden Wonder! :) I won't spoil the surprise!

So there we go...I'm not sure of the damage to my Debit card but hey ho...this week was certainly worth celebrating and indulging! :P

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